What is XmodGames ?

Most smartphone or tablet owners have played games on their device at one time or another, some more than others. After a while, some games become too hard to complete or require in-app purchases with real money to get anywhere and not everyone is prepared to do this. Luckily, we have XModGames at our disposal.

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XModGames is an app that is highly popular and it provides us with modified versions of some popular games, like the GTA and Clash of Clans . The modified versions contain lots of extra features, including some of the in-app purchase features for free along with the ability to skip over certain levels in a game if you don’t want to do them or they are too hard. Some of the other features of XModGames are:

XModGames Features :

  • Free to download and use
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Provides lots of mods to many different games , increase your lives, time, etc.
  • Enhances the graphics in some games and acts like an accelerator
  • Can only be used on rooted devices now
  • Has a great screen recorder feature that allows you to record videos in high definition
  • Take screenshots anywhere on your device and share them with anyone
  • Contains automated plugins or scripts that will let some games play without you needing to do a thing
  • Updated on a regular basis by the developers to keep it free of bugs and up to date with all the latest content
  • Has a great in-app forum where users can interact with other gamers anonymously if they want to

Users of XModGames will find many different options supported in the app and with the screen recorder, you can demonstrate how good the app is to other people. However, it should be noted that some major game app developers have banned their games from appearing in XModGames as they say it doesn’t promote fair game play for all.

It should also be noted that should the developers of any game that you play through XModGames determine that you are using the app, they may take the decision to suspend or delete your official game account and for this, neither we nor the developers of XModGames will take any responsibility.

To enjoy XModGames, your device must be rooted or jailbroken. Check out the guide below on downloading XModGames:

Let us know if you try XModGames and tell us what you think of it. For more developer updates, stay tuned by following us on Facebook .

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