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With each version of the iOS, we get some truly great features from Apple but they seem to balk at giving us some of the most basic of features. This is why many iOS users choose to jailbreak their devices but this is something that Android owners cannot do. While Android is a little more open than iOS there are still many things that users are missing out on and one of those is the ability to play tweaked games. XModGames is a new app installer that introduces us to several modified games that have Premium Features for Free.

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XModGames Features :

  • Loads of modified games to choose from
  • Free to download and install 
  • User-friendly interface, making it simple to navigate
  • Free screen recorder facility, records video in high definition
  • Get premium game features and in-app features for free
  • Enhanced graphics for some games
  • Automated plugins that let some games play without your interaction required
  • Regularly updated
  • Perfect for Android users because it needs no jailbreak

How to Download XModGames on Android :

The only way to download XModGames on Android is to download the APK first. This is the application package file that is required for the software to be downloaded on your device. Make sure you follow these steps exactly as written otherwise this will not work:

  1. Open Settings > Security on your Android device 
  2. Look for the option that says Unknown Source Options and make sure the box beside it is ticked. If you don’t do this, XModGames APK cannot be downloaded to your device 
  3. Now download the XModGames APK onto your computer
  4. Extract the file and then email the APK to yourself
  5. Open the email on your Android device and download the file
  6. Find it, tap on it and wait for XModGames to be installed on your device 
  7. You can now enjoy playing some of your favorite modded games, with all the premium features, on your Android device 

XModGames is an excellent source of modified games for game players everywhere. It contains all sorts of different games, something for everyone to enjoy. If you find, for some reason, that you can’t get on with XModGames or it causes a problem that only deleting and reinstalling will solve, you can easily Delete XModGames from your Android device.

So, have a go at downloading XModGames onto your Android device and tell us how you get on with it. You can follow us on Facebook for more tips and updates.

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