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XModGames is a popular app installer that lets us play modified versions of some very well-known games. Those modifications include many of the in-app features that would cost you real money, along with a great screen recorder feature and many others, all for free. XModGames can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices and, while the Android device must be rooted, for iOS you can download it without a jailbreak. This is great news because this type of app only used to be available through Cydia [ext link] at one time but, these days, we don’t have so many useable jailbreaks at our disposal.

Image : Delete XmodGames App

Being able to use XModGames without a jailbreak means more people can enjoy the benefits. Below, you can find details on XModGames, along with information on how to download it:

In this post, we are going to share details with you on how to Delete XModGames. Reasons for deleting could be that there is an error with the app that can only be solved by deleting and reinstalling or you simply can’t get on with the app and no longer want it.

How to Delete XModGames :

Sometimes, deleting is the only or the easiest way to fix an issue caused by an app. It is very simple to do, here’s how:

  1. Unlock the screen on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Look on your home screen for the XModGames icon , do not open it
  3. Simply tap the icon and hold it until all the icons on the screen go into wiggle mode
  4. You will see a cross in the top corner of the XModGames icon ,  tap this cross
  5. Now tap on Confirm on the message that pops up to confirm that you want to delete the app and it will be deleted permanently from your device 

Video:  This will show you how easy it is to delete XModGames

Now that XModGames has been deleted from your device, if you want to you can reinstall it again. Simply follow the steps in the guide lined earlier in this post.

Tell us how you go on with XModGames. Did it offer you what you were looking for or is your favorite game not included ? And if you had to delete it tell us why.

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