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Jailbreaking has proved to be very poor in the last year or so, ever since iOS 10 was released and now that iOS 11 is here, we can’t guarantee that things are going to get any better. That’s why app installers like TweakBox, TutuApp and AppValley are welcome releases and, for the gamer lovers, we now have XModGames. Packed with content, XModGames contains some of your favorite games, all modified with premium features that you would normally need to pay for, including unlimited lives, the ability to skip levels, unlimited coins, gems or time and much more besides. You can learn more [ about ] XModGames by clicking on the given link while we tell you how to download it on your iOS 11 device.

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First things first though. Do not be disappointed if you don’t find all the games that you are looking for. Some official game developers have barred their games from being included in the installer. This, they say, is because of a Fair Usage policy, claiming that those who play through XModGames have an unfair advantage over those players who choose to play through the official app. Secondly, we must advise you that neither we nor the developers of XModGames will take any responsibility should any game developer determine that you are playing their game through XModGames and decide to take action, including suspending or deleting your official account or even banning you from playing through the official app portal.

If you still want to play your games through XModGames, it has been updated to support iOS 11 so here’s how to download it:

Download XModGames iOS 11 :

Both iOS and Android users can benefit from XModGames:

Method 1: Safari Browser [ for iOS ]

  1. Open Safari browser and go to xmodgamesdownload.com 
  2. When the page loads, tap on the UP arrow at the top or bottom of your screen 
  3. Choose Add to Home Screen on the next page 
  4. When you are asked to name the icon, type XModGames into the box .Tap Add and close Safari 
  5. Now XModGames will be on your home screen 

Video: A demonstration of the above steps

Method 2: Configuration Profile [ for iOS ]

To ensure that XModGames is installed properly on your device, follow the steps in order:

  1. Launch Safari and open this [ link
  2. On the information page that opens, find and tap the link that Installs Directly to iOS Device – this will allow the profile to be installed
  3. When Settings opens, tap the Install Profile link and type your passcode in if required
  4. Safari browser will now open, tap Install XModGames
  5. When the confirmation window appears, tap on Install and Settings will open once more
  6. Tap on Install
  7. Tap Next > Install and then on Done
  8. Wait while XModGames installs on your iOS device 

Should XModGames not work, it may mean that you didn’t follow the steps properly so try them again

Method 3: Android Only

To download on Android, follow the steps in the lined post :

How to Stop XModGames Crashing :

When you install XModGames, you can expect it to crash within 7 days of you installing it. This is because Apple doesn’t allow it into the app store and doesn’t see it as a valid app. They will revoke the certificate, forcing you to have to reinstall it and all your games. To stop this from happening you should install Anti Revoke, a VPN tool that provides protection for the app certificates and stops them from being revoked. Find out how to download Anti Revoke [ext link] at the given link.

Popular XModGames Alternatives :

If XModGames doesn’t contain what you want, or you want something a little different, give one of these alternatives a try:

  • Emus4U

Packed with games emulators, Emus4U is popular because it lets us play the old console games direct on our iOS devices. Choose from several of the more popular ones or download one of the modified games, like Pokémon Go++ or any of the paid or premium app store apps for free. The linked post provides more details and an Emus4U [ext link] download guide .

  • Emu4iOS

Another installer for the game lovers, Emu4iOS also has several games emulators in it, providing aces to PS1, Nintendo, Gameboy and other popular console games. There are also some tweaks, loads of paid content for free and a few modified apps and games, like Pokémon Go++ and Spotify++ so click the link to find out how to download Emu4iOS [ext link].

XModGames is one of the best app installers for those looking for games like GTA, Clash of Clans and Clash of the Titans, amongst many thousands more. Download it today and stay up to date with the latest iOS 11 jailbreak news by following us on Facebook.

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